Posted by Andy (andy) on Aug 23 2009
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The Jurasstic successfully made its first appearance on the Ideal World shopping channel last Saturday.

Jurasstic was featured on the "Fix it with Frenchie" program with various combinations of Glue and Tape made available to buy.

The demonstration included some of the many applications both the Jurasstic Glue and Jurasstic Tape can be used on.  It included an impromptu live demonstration of repairing a loose leg on a wooden chair taken from the presenter's lounge, which would otherwise have ended up being thrown into a skip.

There were examples shown of the Glue sticking wood, brick, metal, glass, ceramic, expanded polystyrene, hard plastics, and stone showing both the effectiveness and versatility of the glue.

The Jurasstic Tape was shown in instances including repairs on pipes showing the waterproof properties of the tape.  A demonstration of the monster strength of the extra thick layer of adhesive was carried out, picking up a glass block using a strip of the Jurasstic Tape where others had previously failed.

Keep checking the Jurasstic news section for any future presentations and developments.

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