Application Instructions for the Jurasstic Double Sided High Bond Tape


You can get maximum benefit out of this tape if you follow these simple instructions on how to use the Jurasstic Double Sided High Bond Tape.

Bonds to most materials:

  • Wood

  • Glass

  • Metal

  • Ceramic

  • Stone

  • Concrete

  • Polystyrene

  • Rigid Plastic

  • almost anything

Precautions Before Use

Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, sound, dust free and uncontaminated.  Porous surfaces should be painted with PVA adhesive diluted with 5 parts water and left to dry.


Guidance for Application
  • Carefully mark out positioning as adjusting is not possible once applied.

  • Cut strips to required length.

  • Apply strips vertically to the object at even intervals along the length.  The heavier the object the more strips will be required, spaced closer together.

  • Remove the red backing film and, carefully, position as previously marked and press firmly.

Useful Information
  • Avoid touching the adhesive or effectiveness may be reduced.

  • Ensure temparature is 10°C or more before using.

  • Although there is immediate adhesion, this will increase over 24 hours for maximum bond strength.

  • Some plastics and non stick surfaces are unsuitable for this tape.  It's advisable to carry out a small test piece, if in doubt.

  • The packaging is designed for safe storage between use.



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